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Other Services

"If they're worth wearing, they're worth repairing!" 

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  Alterations Services
Complete Expert Alterations - We are trained in making you look your best in your clothing. We can make outfits bigger or smaller, longer or shorter, whatever you need.

Give us your clothes and we will make them look great on you.

 Hems Take-in/
Let out
Zippers Garment Repair  Leather Jackets
 Pants  Pants  Pants  Shorten Sleeve  Shorten Sleeve
 Skirts  Skirts  Jeans  Shorten Length  Shorten Length
 Dress  Dress    Skirts  Hook & Eye  Zipper
 Jeans  Blouse  Dresses  Buttons  Take-in Shoulder
 Cuffs Jackets  Jackets  Buttons Holes

Yes we can reweave your insect damaged, burned or ripped garments. Call for a quote.

Any garment can be ruined by even the smallest of holes or tears. Patching or sewing over the damaged area has never been a concealed repair, leaving the garment destroyed. Consider the only true repair alternative for your valuable clothing: reweaving.

Reweaving is a very economical option when considering the cost of replacing the garment, and properly caring and cleaning your garment is your best defense.

Reweaving is a specialized skill for repairing holes and tears in damaged garments. It involves hand weaving thread strands into the garment’s damaged area, creating virtually invisible repairs. 

 Shoe Care Services

Need the tip of your toe fixed? We can do that. Need a heel repaired? We can do that too. Need new soles? Whatever your shoe repair needs, we can help.

You don’t have to throw out your favorite pair of shoes and you don’t need to go out and buy a new pair of shoes. Instead, why not repair your shoes for a fraction of the price of a new pair of new ones.

Besides, once they’ve been repaired and rebuffed and polished, it feels like you do have a new pair shoes with the comfort you already love.

 Mens  Ladies 
 Heels  Heels/Taps
 Soles  Soles
 Boots  Boots
 Stretched  Stretched
 Shine      Shine
 Goodwill  and The Salvation Army Donations Goodwill donations help people find good jobs.

The sales of your donations help fund job training programs, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have disabilities, lack education or job experience, or face employment challenges.

We will take your Clothing and shoes donation to the Goodwill Center or The Salvation Army for you and bring you back the receipt. Just one more way that Tops Valet Services help you save time, money and gas!

 We Will Recycle Your Hangers
Don't put your hanger in the the landfill. Let us recycle them for you. Just put them out with your cleaning. We will take them away and recycle them.
  Good for the planet & good for you!
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