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$10 of FREE Dry Cleaning or Laundry
Just To Try Out Our Pick-Up & Delivery Service in San Diego

How it Works!

Please go to our Sign Up page if you’re ready to get going! 
Or just call me at 619-226-4006

Our pick-up and delivery service is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. We will give you one of our garment bags (first time just use a plastic bag) and you, will put it out on your designated pick-up day.  It will be either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. You have two pick-up days and two delivery days.

If you need your dry cleaning back the very next day, no problem. Leave me a note and we’ll get it back to you the next day at no extra charge.

2. You and I will pick out a pick-up and delivery spot. I’ll even give you a wreath hook to hang over your door if you’d like one. 

You do not need to be home or at your office!

Tops Valet Services customizes our delivery arrangements to meet your needs. At some homes we are provided gate codes, at others we deliver your clean garments to the back porch or garage and for some we even go directly to the closets and hang up the clothes. 

One of our most unique arrangement utilizes a spare car parked in the driveway. Dry cleaning delivery orders are hung on a rack in the car and the incoming garments are picked up from the car as well, all safe and secure. We have found if there is a will there is a way! 

3. You are welcome to prepare an itemized list of what we will be picking up and we will inform you immediately if we find any discrepancies. 

We can provide a convenient carbon copy invoices for you to prepare your incoming order list if you wish. You can keep the yellow copy. Otherwise, our counts will be accepted as accurate.

We accept credit cards, local bank check or cash for our services.
We’re very easy to do business with. We will even take your Goodwill Donations to the donation Center for you and provide you a reciept.

We have over 200 customers and 19 business offices that we deliver to in the San Diego County area. We ONLY do pick up and delivery. We don’t have any store fronts we only operate a dry clean and laundry plant.

So here is what you get:
  • Professional Dry Cleaning, LaundryAlteration Services 
  • FREE Pick-up & Delivery
  • Affordable, Competitive Pricing
  • Easy Scheduling System and Services
  • Shoe Repair Services: heels, heel caps, soles & more!
  • Incredible Convenience
  • Monthly Cost-Saving Special
  • Guaranteed Reliability

    Go to our Sign Up page and get your $10 in FREE dry cleaning just to try us out or just call me at 619-226-4006!

    You can place your confidence in Tops Valet Services. 

    Done LogoI look forward to earning your business!

Meyer Stansberry
Tops Valet Services

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you. While customer satisfaction is our guarantee, we know that things don't always go as plan. If ever a problem arises, I promise to handle it fairly and in a timely manor.
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