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San Diego Dry Cleaners Offers $10 of FREE Dry Cleaning!
Plus FREE Pick-Up, FREE Delivery,
Just To Give His Service A Try!


Call 619-226-4006 to get this going or go here and sign-up online!

Most dry cleaners that have pick-up and delivery, charge you a fee or increase their prices for the service. Even with these high gas prices, I don’t!

Hi, my name is Meyer Stansberry, I live here in San Diego and I run Tops Valet Services, a dry cleaning, laundry and alterations, home or office FREE Pick-up & Delivery service.

I started this business just over 9 years ago and my 400 + customers and the 27 business offices we service, love us. Why wouldn't they?  I save my clients time, money and gas, just like I would do for you. What took you two trips and 40 minutes now will take you just 2 minutes!

"Why would you ever go to the dry cleaners if you could have someone pick up your dry cleaning every week FOR FREE!" Derek B. San Diego Yelp Review

How can I do that?

With our service, you don’t have to run back and forth to the dry cleaning store any more– I’ll save you 20 to 30 minutes each time you go, the parking hassle and the $4.00 plus per gallon in gas money.

I’m not expensive. In fact I’m less than quite a few dry cleaner in town and my quality is second to none.

Most people don’t realize it but it costs less to have a few drivers and vans than having a store front dry cleaning store.  Also with a dry cleaning store, you have to be open at least 12 hours a day and you have to have two or three people there all the time. And don’t forget about the expense of the rent and utilities.

With my delivery vans, I have someone in them for about 8 hours a day and my only expense after that is the cost the vans (which is way less than paying rent) and some gas.

I let my business partner who runs the dry cleaning plant take care of store headaches. 

I focus on giving my customers convenience with a quality product and great customer service. Quality you can feel. Customer Service you expect!

 "I have been using Tops Valet service for several years, it is such a wonderful convenience to have the laundry picked up and delivered to the office.  They are very professional and do an excellent job with both dry cleaning and alterations.  Meyer takes great care in attending to customers' concerns and makes sure they are completely satisfied."  Cairy Ann M. San Diego Yelp Review

  • You and I both know that it’s a pain in the neck to drop off and pick-up your dry cleaning at the dry cleaners. Let's face it we all are overworked, overwhelmed, overstretched and short on time.

Most of the time your dry cleaning sits in your car until you remember to drop it off. And then it sits at the dry cleaner until you remember to go pick it up (and hopefully they’re still open).

If you've got kids–you have to get all of them in and out of your car and lug them in the dry cleaning store with you.

Why not let me show you the luxury (without the cost) of a FREE dry cleaning pick-up and delivery?

You’ll set out your dry cleaning on Monday, in one of my beautiful bags and we will get your clean clothes back to you on Thursday. Or put them out on Tuesday and get them back on Friday.

If you need clean clothes the next day? No worries! When you put your clothes out, just put a note saying “next day,” and I  will be sure your clean clothes show-up the next day.

If you forgot to set them out, or you just got back from vacation or a business trip–call us 619-226-4006, we’ll pick them and deliver them the next scheduled delivery day.

Now that’s dry cleaning nirvana, isn’t it?

Besides dry cleaning and laundering your shirts, we clean comforters, table cloths, linens, blankets, drapes, suede, leather, area rugs, and most anything you can think of.

We will even do your everyday laundry if you want to take a break from that too. Your clothes are always cleaned with environmentally friendly processes using only biodegradable cleaning agents and environmentally safe cleaning practices.

We also provide alterations, shoe care services, recycle your hangers, we will even take away your old clothing to Goodwill  or The Salvation Army and will provide you with the receipt.

Get $5 dollars for your broken buttons.

I don’t know about you, but I get really mad when a shirt comes back from the dry cleaners with a broken button. So here’s what I’ll do: you’ll get $5 dollars cash for any buttons we miss that are broken.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn't set up this policy so that we could give away five-dollar bills–I set it up so that we would meticulously check your buttons to find the broken ones so we don’t loose the five bucks.

No start-up fee! Try us with no obligation! $10 off your first load!

So here’s how this FREE dry cleaning delivery service of mine works:

I’ll stop by introduce myself and give you one of our bags. You can give our service a trial month or two and see how I do. If I do great, we’ll continue to service you. If I don’t do so good, we’ll part ways with no hard feelings. How does that sound?

Great! Give me a call at 619-226-4006 or just sign up here and we can get this time-saving and money-saving, dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service going.

Oh, I most forgot. Here are some of my prices: laundered shirts-$2.95, pants/skirts $6.95, dresses $9.95, blouses-$4.95, Jackets-$7.95, ties-$4.25. If you’d like some other specific prices, just click on price link here.

"Reasonable prices for pick-up/drop-off service?  A dry cleaner that goes above and beyond?  Shocking, I know." Mike H. San Diego Yelp Review

Stop driving yourself crazy. Save yourself some time, money and gas!

You don’t have to go pick-up your dry cleaning anymore and you don’t have to be a millionaire to have this great service. You just have to have about $40 dollars or more of dry cleaning or laundry a month.

And on top of all of this, our dry cleaning service is very easy and friendly to do business with. We will even call or email you to reminded you of your scheduled pick-up.

Go ahead and pick up your phone now and stop the misery.
Call me 619-226-4006 or go here and sign-up online!

I look forward to your earning your business!

Meyer Stansberry
Tops Valet Services

P.s. Remember it doesn’t cost anymore to have us pick-up and deliver your dry cleaning, laundry or alterations. Put your drycleaning bag out and and fill it up with as many clothes as you can and get the $10 Off Special.

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