•   Meyer saved my LIFE.  When my clothes fiend fiance moved in with me, my laundry load tripled and I was unable to keep up (not to mention I hate doing laundry!)  We found Tops and decided to give it a try.  It has been the best thing EVER and has saved my sanity!  Meyer is incredibly responsive, so flexible with our sporadic schedule, very accommodating, not to mention just a great guy.  And!  The clothes come back so quickly, overnight service (and sometimes even same day!) so nicely folded and/or hung, beautifully wrinkle free (better than I could ever get).  I can't say enough about Tops and Meyer.  My life is significantly better thanks to Tops-- and that is no exaggeration.

    thumb Dove B.
  •   I can't thank Tops enough for the excellent service they provide my husband and I for the ball this year. We were on a tight schedule due to him being away and Tops not only accommodated our schedule but also did an amazing job on his jacket! They came to our apartment, measured him up after work, and dropped the garments back off in a very timely manner. They made it extremely easy and stress free for us. We will not be looking any further for the best Alteration and cleaning service in San Diego, so glad we found Tops! Thank you!!

    thumb Jessyca H.
  •   5 stars just isn't good enough. The service was extremely efficient, made sure to accommodate me in any way they could, and tried to figure out who I was so that they could provide better service next time. I have used Tops for dry cleaning before interviews and for laundry when my washer machine broke. There isn't a service out there that is better. Thank you Tops!

    thumb Casey D.
  •   Doing laundry sucks, especially when you have to carry it up and down 2 flights of stairs. I decided to try out this door to door service and I'm glad I did. What a relief!

    They came, weighed my clothes (you pay by the pound), and whisked them away. The following afternoon they returned with my clean, folded clothing.  All I had to do was put them away! It was awesome!

    Yes, it is more expensive than doing it yourself, but it is well worth it. Great customer service seals the deal on this one. I will use them again.

    thumb Kelly V.
  •   Why have I been driving to the cleaners all these years?? Tops is so convenient and competitively priced with the one at your local strip mall. Quick and efficient communication via text makes things simple and easy. Very happy.

    thumb Jasen P.
  •   I love Meyer and his daughter and all the staff that does my clothes 🙂   I found Tops on Yelp, because my back had been out for weeks and the laudry was adding up.  

    The initally weight was 77lbs!! holy crapy, but seriously thinking of all the energy and money and time I put into going back and forth to the one washer/dryer I have at the house and share with neighbors is more then worth it.  I paid $149 and change, and that was with using my $50 coupon that I paid $30 for.  All my laundry came back nice and clean and folded. I told them they could fold everything, but they took the extra step and hung the items that probably really needed hanging.  Everything else is folded and put in bags, they smell decent, I wish I could give them my detergent, cuz I like the smell, but oh well.  

    I didn't give them my undeware and bras, cuz I was like I can just do that my self, but being lazy and back still being iffy, I asked them to come back and get them, and they did!  And I asked them not to dry my bras in a dryers and they even gave them their seperate bag.  And since I am now a returning customer, I got 10% off, so it only cost my about $40 bucks this time around.  

    I'm totally pleased with the service and accomodation. Meyer and his daughter are pleasant and hard working!  I don't know that I will ever beign doing my own laundry again, seriously.  

    If they pick it up early enough, they can get it back to you same day which is awesome, especially if you're going on trip or something.  I recommend this little family business 100%!!!  Especially if you're physcially hurt and can't get it done yourself.   Thanks Yelpers for the awesome reviews, that made me want to contact them in the first place.

    They will bring you bags and weight them on the spot so you know much it's going to be upfront.

    I see me doing business with Meyer for years to come!!! Thank you!

    thumb star h.
  •   Flawless service! We were roadtripping through the area and needed laundry done to save us time. Pickup and drop off we're insanely easy, and everything was done in under 18 hours (we were in a pinch). Tops worked with us and left us completely satisfied. Give them a call!!

    thumb Nathan L.
  •   Meyer is the best! Picked up my clothes in a jiffy and had my clothes cleaned and PERFECTLY folded within a couple hours! And had all my nice shirts and cotton dresses on a hanger without me even having to ask. I will most definitely use this service again!
    awesome, awesome.

    thumb Leah C.
  •   We've had a great experience with Meyer at Tops Valet. Responds immediately, professional, helpful and flexible. Always on time. We've requested pick up in the morning and gotten it dropped off that night or the next morning at no extra charge. I have sent out numerous sets of laundry with this company and everything is returned clean, in great condition, and folded perfectly. As people who live downtown with little to no access to normal sized washing machines, a service like this is a must. Highly recommend!

    thumb Tori L.
  •   Very pleased with our service  Meyer is fantastic to work with. I highly recommend Tops Valet Services! It makes getting your dry cleaning done effortless!

    thumb Carrie F.