•   I can't thank Tops enough for the excellent service they provide my husband and I for the ball this year. We were on a tight schedule due to him being away and Tops not only accommodated our schedule but also did an amazing job on his jacket! They came to our apartment, measured him up after work, and dropped the garments back off in a very timely manner. They made it extremely easy and stress free for us. We will not be looking any further for the best Alteration and cleaning service in San Diego, so glad we found Tops! Thank you!!

    thumb Jessyca H.
  •   Let's face it: Doing laundry is right up there with having a root canal and doing traffic school. So I say why bother, when you can have someone else do it for you?

    Meyer is extremely punctual, dependable, and hardworking. His laundry service is first rate. I have used him twice, and intend on being a customer for a long time. I only wish I had found him sooner.

    thumb Gil S.
  •   This is the third time our washer has gone out this year, and the second time we have used Tops. I have used another service and they were less friendly and communicative, as well as double the price!! Mark came and picked up our laundry at 1:30 as promised and had it all back perfectly folded and hung by 4:30. It was affordable, and Mark was very friendly and professional. I will continue to use Tops in the future and will recommend them to everyone 🙂 thanks Tops!!

    thumb Bonnie L.
  •   I've used other delivery pick up fluff and fold services with long wait times to missing clothes, review on them upcoming, so when I found myself really needing help due to moving I was not very excited. But I was desperate. Tops came up in my search and they had great reviews, so did the others. I called and left a message after hours on a Thursday. Meyer responded within an hour. Over the next 5 days I could not seem to get it together to meet with him but he was so kind and patient. When I finally met with him he was so gracious, professional and quick but also I could expect this massive amount of laundry the next day !!! The cost was totally reasonable,actually less than I expected but to get it back so quick I would have expected to pay much more. Next day as promised laundry was delivered so beautifully well done and neat, I have never given a review before. Meyer and his family are the best !!! I called then again 3 days later.

    thumb Belynn T.
  •   Tops dry cleaning is reliable, quick, and incredible quality! and Meyer is the greatest.

    thumb Jessica H.
  •   Loved it!  Picked up my clothes, washed them all and delivered them home the next day clean.  Yes please!!

    thumb Jenny G.
  •   Due to a very high academic and job-related workload, I decided to give Tops Valet a try in order to save 6 hrs per week that I'd otherwise spend on doing laundry.

    I am very impressed with the quality of service at Tops Valet! Meyer is always on-time, provides updates to his customers via text and is very friendly and flexible. I really appreciate his work ethic.

    Laundry comes back nicely folded and wrinkle-free. Shirts are placed on hangers separately.

    All in all, I highly recommend Tops Valet! Support small, local businesses!

    thumb Hans H.
  •   I love Meyer and his daughter and all the staff that does my clothes 🙂   I found Tops on Yelp, because my back had been out for weeks and the laudry was adding up.  

    The initally weight was 77lbs!! holy crapy, but seriously thinking of all the energy and money and time I put into going back and forth to the one washer/dryer I have at the house and share with neighbors is more then worth it.  I paid $149 and change, and that was with using my $50 coupon that I paid $30 for.  All my laundry came back nice and clean and folded. I told them they could fold everything, but they took the extra step and hung the items that probably really needed hanging.  Everything else is folded and put in bags, they smell decent, I wish I could give them my detergent, cuz I like the smell, but oh well.  

    I didn't give them my undeware and bras, cuz I was like I can just do that my self, but being lazy and back still being iffy, I asked them to come back and get them, and they did!  And I asked them not to dry my bras in a dryers and they even gave them their seperate bag.  And since I am now a returning customer, I got 10% off, so it only cost my about $40 bucks this time around.  

    I'm totally pleased with the service and accomodation. Meyer and his daughter are pleasant and hard working!  I don't know that I will ever beign doing my own laundry again, seriously.  

    If they pick it up early enough, they can get it back to you same day which is awesome, especially if you're going on trip or something.  I recommend this little family business 100%!!!  Especially if you're physcially hurt and can't get it done yourself.   Thanks Yelpers for the awesome reviews, that made me want to contact them in the first place.

    They will bring you bags and weight them on the spot so you know much it's going to be upfront.

    I see me doing business with Meyer for years to come!!! Thank you!

    thumb star h.
  •   The laundry room at my apartment complex is in another building way on the other side of the complex, and it's always a hassle to deal with dryers that don't dry, washers that have someone else's clothes sitting in them, and poor laundry etiquette of the other people who use the laundry room. Because i hate dealing with this so much, I was letting my laundry pile up instead of dealing with it every week. Ignoring dirty laundry will not make it go away, and there's only so long you can go with just buying more and more clothes...

    When I saw the Yelp Deal ($50 of laundry service for $30) for Tops Valet Service, i had to try it!! I can't say enough about how fantastic this place is. Meyer is very friendly and was a pleasure to deal with. My clothes were picked up within 20 minutes of my call, and my 40-something pounds of laundry were delivered to my office the next morning. Everything was cleaned very nicely and to my specifications. Meyer communicated by text and phone when he was on his way to pick up and drop off the laundry.  I want to say the laundry service (not dry cleaning) is priced around $2.50 per pound of laundry. I wish i could buy another Yelp Deal, but it's limited to one per person. But I think there are coupons available on the Tops website.

    I definitely will be using Tops again in the future. Someday, I'll have an apartment with a washer dryer in the same building, or dare to dream, within in my apartment! Until then, there's always Tops!

    thumb Linda R.
  •   I left a message for the cleaners and he called right back. He scheduled the pickup and exactly on time.  Same day delivery at the time he promised.  Very impressed with the service and quality of work.

    thumb Kimberly K.