•   Please do not use Myers for any services. He is a nice guys but owes 4 dry cleaners over 2k each. He is ripping off the cleaners and then disappears until he can find another cleaners to rip off. He has no cleaning facility of his own and just does pick up and drop off nothing else. Please save the hard working business owners from these bad ones and stop using his services immediately until he has compensated the people that are actually doing all the work.

    One that got ripped off

    thumb Sunny S.
  •   5 stars just isn't good enough. The service was extremely efficient, made sure to accommodate me in any way they could, and tried to figure out who I was so that they could provide better service next time. I have used Tops for dry cleaning before interviews and for laundry when my washer machine broke. There isn't a service out there that is better. Thank you Tops!

    thumb Casey D.
  •   It bums me out that I can't give them more than five stars! I called Meyer on a Friday afternoon at 2:30 (I wasn't even a returning customer) and he was at my place in 30 minutes. 3 hours later I had all 30 pounds of my clothes clean, folded, hung up, and at my door. The most incredible part is, Comic Con was going on and Meyer had two vans stuck in traffic downtown. Instead of saying "sorry we can't get to you" he drove to my house in his own car to pick my stuff up and drop it off. He truly cares about his customers, and I can't recommend him enough. 10/10 will use again.

    thumb Charles E.
  •   Hands down the BEST dry cleaners I've ever experienced!! Meyer is very professional and delivers customer service like nothing I've experienced! Pickup and delivery are always on time and clothes are perfectly dry cleaned!!! I've even used their laundry service from time to time which is also amazing! Another amazing thing about them is their honesty. My husband accidentally left a gift card with a large sum of money in his work pocket and we were contacted the following day and Meyer made an extra trip to deliver our card. We had thought the card was just lost and were blown away! I can't say enough wonderful thing about this business!!!!!

    thumb Diana C.
  •   This service is awesome, as are the employees. I recently moved and had a ton of laundry piled up that I didn't have time to do. I was happy to find a service that picks it up, weighs it right there, washes it and returns it the next day. It was folded perfectly or on hangers and smelled wonderful. There was excellent communication, I knew when to expect them to pick up and deliver. For those who do not enjoy doing laundry or are just overwhelmed, this is a great service to use. I highly recommend!

    thumb Jen K.
  •   I've used other delivery pick up fluff and fold services with long wait times to missing clothes, review on them upcoming, so when I found myself really needing help due to moving I was not very excited. But I was desperate. Tops came up in my search and they had great reviews, so did the others. I called and left a message after hours on a Thursday. Meyer responded within an hour. Over the next 5 days I could not seem to get it together to meet with him but he was so kind and patient. When I finally met with him he was so gracious, professional and quick but also I could expect this massive amount of laundry the next day !!! The cost was totally reasonable,actually less than I expected but to get it back so quick I would have expected to pay much more. Next day as promised laundry was delivered so beautifully well done and neat, I have never given a review before. Meyer and his family are the best !!! I called then again 3 days later.

    thumb Belynn T.
  •   We've had a great experience with Meyer at Tops Valet. Responds immediately, professional, helpful and flexible. Always on time. We've requested pick up in the morning and gotten it dropped off that night or the next morning at no extra charge. I have sent out numerous sets of laundry with this company and everything is returned clean, in great condition, and folded perfectly. As people who live downtown with little to no access to normal sized washing machines, a service like this is a must. Highly recommend!

    thumb Tori L.
  •   Amazing service with a quick turnaround. I wasn't expecting much, but I saw the yelp deal for $20 off and I thought I'd give it a try. Try I did and the 20 lbs of laundry that was sitting there for weeks were done in 1 day, freshly pressed, clean, and folded for only $30! Meyer is responsive, quick, and very flexible.

    thumb Erica M.
  •   Why have I been driving to the cleaners all these years?? Tops is so convenient and competitively priced with the one at your local strip mall. Quick and efficient communication via text makes things simple and easy. Very happy.

    thumb Jasen P.
  •   I used Top's Valet during a time when I had an extremely busy work schedule. I was beyond impressed with the text communication, consistency and friendliness that I received. Leaving out a bag full of laundry and receiving it cleaned, folded and some items hung feels like a necessary luxury. I won't hesitate to get busy again so that I can be "forced" to use a laundry service again. Ps. It's super common in New York so it's very metropolitan of you.

    thumb Beth K.