•   Did this as an early Christmas present to myself and my boyfriend, as we both HATE going to sketchy laundromats. Great service, worth every penny. Meyer was friendly and professional. He came and picked up our laundry within an hour of my call (around 3 pm on a Wednesday) and it was back well within 24 hours (11 am on Thursday). Our clothes came back clean, neatly folded and packaged, ready to be put away. He even hung up some of my boyfriend's collared work shirts on hangers so they wouldn't get wrinkly, which I didn't expect just getting the laundry service. With the $30 for $50 Yelp deal, I got a $20 discount on getting 51 lbs of clothes, towels, and blankets laundered (just plain old fluff and fold) for about $107 (it would have been about $127.50 at 2.50/lb without the Yelp deal). I figure I spend about $30-40 every month on laundry for my household going to the laundromat including detergent. Add to that the inevitable $15-20 self-pity meal that we buy while waiting for the washer to finish, the labor of dragging heavy laundry baskets to and from the house to the car to the laundromat and back, sorting, folding, and all the time it takes to be doing all that (at least 2 hours round trip). For me, personally, I can't afford to get this service all the time (oh that would be amazing) but I will definitely be doing this every few months just to save time and effort doing laundry.

    thumb Betty B.
  •   I purchased an Amazon Local discount to get about 2+ weeks worth of laundry done and the service was fantastic. The guy is super cool, honest, and a very hard worker. I also like that I can text him if I'm running late or still in class. To me, value a business that can be flexible and accommodating.  If I wasn't a starving college student, I would definitely use Tops Valet every week. Thanks again!

    thumb Andrea C.
  •   I needed some emergency alterations and cleaning done on my uniform for next day. These guys really came through for me in a jam. THESE GUYS ARE TOP NOTCH! SERVICE, QUALITY, AND PRICE!

    thumb Alan T.
  •   I loved the pick up  & drop off aspects, especially since I have been unable to drive (broken right foot) and my husband is swamped between working & running me around town. A little pricey, but worth it due. To the convenience factor.

    thumb Nicole C.
  •   They are quick. Had my clothes back to me in only day. One of my bags of laundry was still damp though. I have a few delicates bags which remained closed and they never folded. The clothes inside were still damp and wrinkly.

    I also had some blankets my dogs use and asked that they use strong detergent because the blankets smell doggie. The blankets came back with the same scent (which was no scent) as the rest of the laundry.

    Be very specific if you go there. Maybe write what you want on the bill.

    thumb Julie W.
  •   My washer broke in the middle of load one of many, with mucho clothes for daughter and myself on the dreaded "laundry day".  
    Signed up on line for service and Meyer responded to me to schedule a pickup.  Picked up and delivered same day!  Whew!  Saved a working mom in a desperate need!
    Clothes were perfectly folded and sweaters/dresses hung on hangers.  Bought the yelp coupon, super score!

    Love the service so much, thinking I might just swap toiling over my laundry for some free time with my daughter.  Thanks TOPS!!  🙂

    thumb Lisa G.
  •   5 stars just isn't good enough. The service was extremely efficient, made sure to accommodate me in any way they could, and tried to figure out who I was so that they could provide better service next time. I have used Tops for dry cleaning before interviews and for laundry when my washer machine broke. There isn't a service out there that is better. Thank you Tops!

    thumb Casey D.
  •   Watch out! I waited a while to write this hoping that the owner Myers was going to come through. I had a $1500 suit that he manage to loose the pants. Never found. The suit was useless. For a year, the owner pretended that he was going to cover my cost of the suit including giving me bogus insurance papers for the claim. Then he stopped responding to my calls and emails. Unfortunately, Tops Valet does not have a physical address. The owner goes up and down office buildings picking up dry cleaning. This company is obviously run unethically. In my searches I found out that many of their contractors are used for services and not paid. I will never use a service that I cannot verify the credentials.

    thumb Alain A.
  •   Polite, on time and good service.  Weighed everything in front of me.  Told me the total cost before he left.

    thumb George C.
  •   I've used other delivery pick up fluff and fold services with long wait times to missing clothes, review on them upcoming, so when I found myself really needing help due to moving I was not very excited. But I was desperate. Tops came up in my search and they had great reviews, so did the others. I called and left a message after hours on a Thursday. Meyer responded within an hour. Over the next 5 days I could not seem to get it together to meet with him but he was so kind and patient. When I finally met with him he was so gracious, professional and quick but also I could expect this massive amount of laundry the next day !!! The cost was totally reasonable,actually less than I expected but to get it back so quick I would have expected to pay much more. Next day as promised laundry was delivered so beautifully well done and neat, I have never given a review before. Meyer and his family are the best !!! I called then again 3 days later.

    thumb Belynn T.