•   Im on holidays from Australia I searched for a mobile laundry service off yelp and I took a gamble and I found this guy to do my laundry. He was really easy to deal with, he picked up our laundry from our accommodation when we were out, was fast and efficient. I would highly recommend this guy for any laundry services in the San Diego!

    thumb Craig G.
  •   I was really excited to find this service for when I was in San Diego.  In general the customer service is very good. Meyer is very responsive with concerns, and the price is reasonable.  They are on time, and get the job done. However, I had a couple of issues:

    1. I specifically asked for no fabric softener (including talking to Meyer a couple times). This is due to a health issue I have, and the reason I was using Tops and not the laundry machine where I was staying.  Unfortunately, this was used twice, and all of my clothes came back with a fragrance.  Meyer was apologetic and gave me a partial refund, but I ended up having to get rid of a lot of my clothes, which is expensive.
    2. The weight wasn't always consistent with what I weighed, even when it was weighed in front of me. Meyer was very responsive to this as well
    3. Lost socks. I know, this happens with any laundry.  It was an expensive running sock that was brand new, so I was a little sad about it.
    4.  I had to ask multiple times for receipts.

    Overall, I appreciated the service and addressing my concerns, but I ended up paying quite a bit to do my laundry, and needing to get rid of my clothes in the end after I gave very specific instructions. For that reason, I am not giving 5 stars.

    thumb Amy E.
  •   Meyer is the best! Picked up my clothes in a jiffy and had my clothes cleaned and PERFECTLY folded within a couple hours! And had all my nice shirts and cotton dresses on a hanger without me even having to ask. I will most definitely use this service again!
    awesome, awesome.

    thumb Leah C.
  •   The laundry room at my apartment complex is in another building way on the other side of the complex, and it's always a hassle to deal with dryers that don't dry, washers that have someone else's clothes sitting in them, and poor laundry etiquette of the other people who use the laundry room. Because i hate dealing with this so much, I was letting my laundry pile up instead of dealing with it every week. Ignoring dirty laundry will not make it go away, and there's only so long you can go with just buying more and more clothes...

    When I saw the Yelp Deal ($50 of laundry service for $30) for Tops Valet Service, i had to try it!! I can't say enough about how fantastic this place is. Meyer is very friendly and was a pleasure to deal with. My clothes were picked up within 20 minutes of my call, and my 40-something pounds of laundry were delivered to my office the next morning. Everything was cleaned very nicely and to my specifications. Meyer communicated by text and phone when he was on his way to pick up and drop off the laundry.  I want to say the laundry service (not dry cleaning) is priced around $2.50 per pound of laundry. I wish i could buy another Yelp Deal, but it's limited to one per person. But I think there are coupons available on the Tops website.

    I definitely will be using Tops again in the future. Someday, I'll have an apartment with a washer dryer in the same building, or dare to dream, within in my apartment! Until then, there's always Tops!

    thumb Linda R.
  •   We've had a great experience with Meyer at Tops Valet. Responds immediately, professional, helpful and flexible. Always on time. We've requested pick up in the morning and gotten it dropped off that night or the next morning at no extra charge. I have sent out numerous sets of laundry with this company and everything is returned clean, in great condition, and folded perfectly. As people who live downtown with little to no access to normal sized washing machines, a service like this is a must. Highly recommend!

    thumb Tori L.
  •   I'd give them 6 stars if I could. Wonderful responsive service! I called this morning, had a pick up a few hours later, and had my laundry returned later this evening perfectly clean and folded. They truly wowed me! They actually texted me regarding a blanket that didn't have care instructions to make sure they didn't damage it!

    It isn't as cheap as doing it yourself (duh), but it cost me just as much as I was paying the place down the street and that place didn't offer delivery or same day service.

    If Tops keeps up this level of service, I will be a loyal lifelong customer!

    thumb Leah B.
  •   Quick update - after 7 years I still can not recommend this service and Meyer any higher - the price is right!  and service is much better than expected! Try him out and you will be really impressed.  We confidently recommend his service to all our clients.

    thumb La Jolla E.
  •   It bums me out that I can't give them more than five stars! I called Meyer on a Friday afternoon at 2:30 (I wasn't even a returning customer) and he was at my place in 30 minutes. 3 hours later I had all 30 pounds of my clothes clean, folded, hung up, and at my door. The most incredible part is, Comic Con was going on and Meyer had two vans stuck in traffic downtown. Instead of saying "sorry we can't get to you" he drove to my house in his own car to pick my stuff up and drop it off. He truly cares about his customers, and I can't recommend him enough. 10/10 will use again.

    thumb Charles E.
  •   Hands down the BEST dry cleaners I've ever experienced!! Meyer is very professional and delivers customer service like nothing I've experienced! Pickup and delivery are always on time and clothes are perfectly dry cleaned!!! I've even used their laundry service from time to time which is also amazing! Another amazing thing about them is their honesty. My husband accidentally left a gift card with a large sum of money in his work pocket and we were contacted the following day and Meyer made an extra trip to deliver our card. We had thought the card was just lost and were blown away! I can't say enough wonderful thing about this business!!!!!

    thumb Diana C.
  •   I needed some emergency alterations and cleaning done on my uniform for next day. These guys really came through for me in a jam. THESE GUYS ARE TOP NOTCH! SERVICE, QUALITY, AND PRICE!

    thumb Alan T.